Bachelor Thesis by ghostwriter: That’s not how you get caught

In the age of Uber and Amazon you can order almost anything on the internet, even the academic thesis. But if you get caught doing a bachelor thesis by the ghostwriter, expect the consequences – possibly even the exclusion from the study. If you want to “outsource” your work anyway, you should be on the safe side to pay attention to a few important points.

Ghostwriting ≠ Plagiarism

If bachelor’s theses are rejected by the study commission, the most important thing is that they have failed in the plagiarism check, eg. Because parts of it were copied from another work or from the Internet. In such cases, the study commission would usually give the student a second chance. Of course, he has to expect that the newly written work will be examined all the more critically.

If you order your work online, you should make sure that the text is checked in advance for plagiarism. Reputable ghostwriting agencies offer such a test by itself. If you buy from the low-cost provider (and this is not recommended for graduation work), you should definitely take care of a professional plagiarism.

Suppliers are legally off the hook

Clean ghostwriting is hard to detect and, unlike plagiarism, can not be easily recognized with software. If the dizziness is still revealed, the student must bear the consequences alone. Ghostwriting agencies always point out in their terms and conditions that the customer only acquires a template for an academic thesis and is not allowed to submit it in his own name. Who does it anyway, is your own fault. Thus, the ghostwriter is legally off the hook.

In order not to arouse suspicion, it is especially important that the work is not only good but also credible. Anyone who, after years of just-getting-through, does a bachelor thesis far beyond their own standard runs the risk of awakening sleeping dogs. This is what happened recently to a Chinese exchange student in Canada, who attracted zero percent attendance, but who did a flawless job. When the professors wanted to talk to her about the excellent work, they found that the student barely spoke English and therefore could not write the work herself.

Let write alone is not enough!

So, if you do a good job that may (possibly!) Have been written by someone else, you should be able to sell the job well as well. It’s not enough just to have read them.

The key here is in communication with the ghostwriter. Good agencies make it possible to contact the ghostwriter directly and anonymously, ideally by telephone. This allows the student to discuss the work in detail with the ghostwriter, to collaborate in the planning and research and to provide ongoing feedback. This makes the work a “joint venture” that relieves the student, but nevertheless allows him to participate in the creation of the work. Once the work is completed and guaranteed free of plagiarism, the ghostwriter can prepare his protégé in a telephone coaching to defend the content of the work.

Of course it is a good feeling to have mastered your studies completely single-handedly. However, if you prefer to hire a ghostwriter for academic theses – whether from an emergency situation or to have more time for yourself – you should play it safe and take these points to heart.