10 tips to write a bachelor thesis

Each semester, countless students sit in front of an empty Word Doc and despair of the question: “What should I write about my bachelor thesis?” Do not hesitate to ask iamstudent – we will show you how to write your bachelor thesis with the left.

As is often the case with this challenge, the motto is: “Planning is half the battle.” As soon as you have created an organization in your jumble of ideas and know where to go, the work is written (almost) by itself.

Step 1: The topic finding

Probably the biggest hurdle on the way to your finished work. The topic should be related to your field of study and have a certain “novelty value”. However, there is so much room for maneuver here that you are quickly spoiled for choice. A good approach is usually to go through your already completed lectures in your head and to consider whether one of them has particularly impressed you.

Another option is to look for advertised topics. Often there are research topics at your university, for which scientific work is still missing. But beware: Do not take laziness from an offered topic. After all, you will deal with it for months and there should be a minimum of interest!

If you have a rough idea of what it’s about, the next step is to search for existing literature. Classical instruments are search engines and university libraries, because specialist literature can be quite expensive and could blow up your piggy bank. In literature research, the most important thing is the up-to-dateness of the material. The more up to date, the better. It is best to clarify with your supervisor how far the literature may be in time.

Step 2: The topic disposition and supervisor choice

Theme? Check. Existing literature? Check. Now you need someone to tell you if and how your ideas can be realized. Most of them have the greatest difficulty in narrowing their subject to a manageable scale. There is the topic disposition and your supervisor. The theme disposition will be approved by your university and subsequently assigned to a supervisor. Of course, if you had a favorite teacher, you can also express your supervisor’s wish.

Worst-Case: You have been assigned a lecturer with whom you have big interpersonal differences? A conversation with your course director can help. Most will show insight and offer you an alternative. Nobody wants the time of your bachelor thesis to become a negative experience. However, if you have decided on an advertised topic, your supervisor will already be determined.

Step 3: Fixing the specific topic

You now have a topic, literature and your supervisor. Now is the first time a conversation in which your topic with the expertise of your supervisor / your supervisor is concretized and jointly the research questions are worked out, which you want to answer in your work.

Step 4: The formal criteria of a bachelor thesis

You are bursting with ideas and would like to start right away? The strenght is to be found in serenity. Before you dive into the buttons and break up your literature into pieces, you should find out about the formal criteria you need to stick to. If you do not stop them from the beginning, you have a lot to fix at the end. This is annoying and eats valuable time.

To the Lay-Out: In most cases there is a format template of your study program in which you can work directly. The most important in terms of formal correctness are the citation rules, with these you should follow the APA style guide. Nevertheless, agree in advance with your supervisor, some prefer special arrangements.

Gendern: The writing of a text is probably one of the most thankless works of all. There are two possibilities here: either you strictly enforce OR you introduce a gender statement at the beginning of your work. (These are prefabricated and stated that the use of the male form should be understood gender-independent.)

Step 5: Analysis of the literature

One more thing, before it finally starts. Essential for your assessment is that you have a self-produced performance. Say: Copy & Paste is of course prohibited. So that it really sounds like you, it is advisable to read the literature carefully and to write down in keywords. Then you close the book and make from your keywords your scientifically correct text. So you get away from the seduction, exact words to take over.

Step 6: The letter

It goes to the preserves! You can finally start. However, the process does not always have to be in chronological order according to the table of contents. Often things come up automatically and you jump between the chapters, add a paragraph to that and there’s a footnote. But a good start is always the terminology. With them you can create a general understanding of technical terms to ensure the readability and comprehensibility of your work. Regularly consult with your supervisor and send individual sections to make sure everything is going in the right direction.

Tip: From the beginning, you have to keep the table of contents of your bachelor thesis, afterwards this is more than tedious and especially here you should not be sloppy.

Step 7: Check your bachelor thesis (with software for plagiarism testing) for plagiarism

It’s finally done: the eternal research and writing has an end and you are about to print your bachelor thesis and get bound. But did you really specify all sources correctly? Did you also make sure that your quotes are correctly marked? You have two options to check: Either you read your work through again carefully and try to check whether you have cited correctly at each point. But even if you forgot a source to indicate that could be a bit difficult. Easier do you do it if you leave nothing to chance and perform a plagiarism check on your bachelor thesis. Plagiarism can happen just by carelessness faster than expected. Therefore, it is always worth considering to use a plagiarism software to make a plagiarism-free bachelor thesis.

Step 8: Attention, finish, print!

The text is, you’ve read it felt 10 times and forced your friends to look for typos. The formal criteria are met, your fingers typed sore. After so much sweat and work, the end product your work should also be presented accordingly high quality. That’s exactly what our voucher from Masterprint is for. You only need to redeem it and you can proudly hold your work in your hands!