What should you know about ghostwriting?

One might think that in some disciplines it is almost a good thing to turn to a ghostwriter for one or the other term paper. Whether for good reasons (keyword: last resort!) Or pure laziness, the moral motives are left undecided. We talked to an insider and asked what to look for when searching for the right ghostwriter. Manuela (name changed by the editors) is 26 years old and completed her master’s degree in social sciences three years ago. But her academic career does not seem to be over yet, albeit “undercover”. Manuela is a ghostwriter and writes scientific papers for students on bachelor and master level. And that too. At the window desk of her modest loft apartment in the 4th district, she plunges into literature research, makes hypotheses, evaluates data, telephones with customers.

“I really enjoy scientific writing, not even the different citation systems can spoil my fun,” she tells us at the beginning of the conversation – with a wink, because who has ever dealt with the meticulous rules of academic citation, knows that an immaculately formatted bibliography can do almost as much work as writing the work itself.

Manuela is a freelance writer, but also writes for several ghostwriting agencies that give her new clients. In dialogue with the insider, we want to find out what matters, so that the cooperation with the ghostwriter does not awaken evil spirits.

Talking to spirits, in this world

Direct communication with their customers is Manuela’s view of the alpha and omega of successful ghostwriting. When an online agency offers her a new customer, the first priority is a telephone conversation in which she and her protégé get to know each other and talk about the project. These conversations tell Manuela a lot about their client’s needs and make it easier to respond to his exact ideas.

Incidentally, the mediating agency ensures that the identity of the ghostwriter and the client are hidden from each other. “On the phone, I simply say” Hi customer “, or we just use first name,” says Manuela. Thereafter, the two are connected via an anonymized message system. By the way, Manuela advises ghostwriting companies that do not allow contact between author and client: “I used to try that, but there were almost always misunderstandings and complications that were unpleasant for both sides and that could have been clarified by a simple conversation . “

Everything a question of style?

How is it actually about the safety of Manuela’s customer ordered? After all, could threaten these sanctions on the part of the University, when the cheat flies up. “I do not think there are any problems. At least you almost never hear about it. In addition, one has to keep in mind that decent ghostwriting – unlike a written off plagiarism – is hardly detectable, “says Manuela.

However, in order for the works she writes for her clients to be authentic, she tries to adapt to their writing style. “I always ask my clients to send me a short excerpt from a term paper they wrote themselves. This makes it easy for me to write the new work in a similar style, “says the ghostwriter.

But beware: “Sometimes the customers simply send all the work together with the cover sheet, which then shows their full name including the student number. For me, this information is safe and I am also contractually obliged to secrecy, but even I would erase that but. “After all, you never know exactly who the ghostwriter at the other end of the line is actually. To reveal one’s identity would therefore be careless, Manuela thinks.

No recommendation for low-cost providers

If Manuela has any other tips for students looking for a ghostwriter? “Yes: Do not economize on the wrong end!” In the market for Ghostwriting are many low-cost providers on the way, the inferior quality or even plagiarized supply. The work is then photocopied and sold for a price of ten or twenty euros. The disappointed customers are then finally back at Manuela and their reputable colleagues on the mat and it is up to them to save the work. Often under heavy time pressure.

“Dubious providers can be partially recognized by the price. Which academic would be willing to do high-quality work with a page price of ten euros, and in addition to his field of expertise? “Explains Manuela. In addition, recommended agencies would also offer a four-eye principle. This means that the work is additionally checked and proofread by a second expert before delivery. “This ensures that then really every comma and every source reference sits properly, alone that would be almost impossible. Correctly reading his own texts is incredibly difficult. “

Incidentally, Manuela does not aim for an end to her ghostwriting career. “Since I can basically work from any place with internet and telephone connections, it could happen that someday it will take me to warmer climes,” said the social scientist. Until then, she continues to operate the witty ghost from her apartment on the Wieden. More tips on writing your thesis can be found here.

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